day 148

홍대. Hongdae

디저트 머라이언 싱가포르 카페. Sesame rice balls and bean curd at Dessert Merlion Singapore Cafe

346-20 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu

(Information from Time Out) What sets Merlion apart from the crowd even by Singaporean standards is the attention to detail that goes into every single dish: The bean curd is a delightfully mild and palate-cleansing treat made from soybeans they steam and grind themselves and sweetened with stevia leaves. While most kaya toast joints use jarred kaya jam, Merlion makes theirs by hand in the kitchen, using pandan leaves they grow by the window. And the sesame rice balls? Those are so delicate and labor intensive, you can currently only find them on the weekends. The owners, Ken from Singapore and Jude, a Korean who has spent much time in Singapore, import their main ingredients directly from the Lion City to replicate authentic flavors as closely as possible.


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