day 110 continued

국립현대미술관 서울관. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

30 Samcheong-ro Sogyeok-dong Jongno-gu

Kissing is allowed by the museum

Hyundai Card Culture Project 15_Young Architects Program (Jul. 8 – Oct. 5, 2014)

(Information from museum homepage) The structure was inspired by an ancient Korean myth: “Shinseons are imaginary Taoist hermits . . . . [who] live on top of high mountains or above clouds, transcending the hustle and bustle of the human world of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure.” Cloud-like balloons are carefully controlled to gently sway under the force of pre-programmed changes in air pressure or human interactions. A trampoline is placed amongst the balloons so that one can jump up through the “clouds” and into the mist above. While walking on a wooden bridge above the clouds, with mist coming out from the side, one would experience a magically transformed world as well as a wonderful place to cool down in the summer. All these elements play their roles to fully realize the theme of the work. The architects group wanted to provide a space where visitors can take a stroll and have a rest as if they are Shinsheon.


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