day 110

대한민국역사박물관. National Museum of Korean Contemporary History

198 Sejong-daero Jongno-gu

(Information from museum homepage) Special Exhibition ‘Radio & TV: Change the world‘ (Jul. 22 – Sept. 9, 2014): The history of Korean broadcasting is in sync with modern and contemporary history. From start of the first radio broadcasting in 1927 to the emergence of black-and-white TV in 1956 and color TV in 1980 to the multichannel and multimedia in the 2000s, Korean broadcasting made significant changes in its technology and contents. It also conveyed many voices of the public as a means of realizing democracy. This exhibition is designed to reflect on the roles of broadcasting in the modern history from the 1920s to the present and shape the future of broadcasting.

Iron Welding “TV를 시청하고 있는 고양이” by Young-Chul Jo (2013)

(Information from museum homepage) It was in May 1956 that televisions first appeared on the Korean peninsula. A national TV broadcasting station was established in 1961, and TBC and MBC were opened by the end of the 1960s. Broadcasting was constantly supervised under the Yushin regime, and government information was spread through broadcasting.


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