day 77 part 9

부산. 釜山. Busan

이기대도시 자연공원. 二妓臺都市 自然公園. Igidae City Park

25 San Yongho 3-dong Nam-gu

(Information adapted from Namgu TourismThe eastern part of Jangsan Peak (225.3 m) meets the sea with a beautiful view of rocks and cliffs. The center of Igidae is a gentle slope of rock which runs for about 2 km. This place has a fantastic view of the East Sea and is a good fishing spot. Until 1993, an army base was there and civilian access was prohibited. According to the book Dongraeyeongji (1850), which introduces the history and the geography of Jwasuyeong (a navy camp) in the Joseon Dynasty, the graves of two kisaengs (singing and dancing girls) were located at Igidae. It is the general opinion that naming such a beautiful place after the graves of two kisaengs, who were included in the lower class, is hard to understand. According to Choi Hanbok (1895-1968), a folklore historian, when the Japanese army conquered Suyeong Fortress and gave a banquet during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, one righteous kisaeng volunteered to participate in the banquet and served wine to a Japanese commander. Then, she held the commander, who was fully drunk, in her arms and jumped down to the water to kill him and herself. According to this opinion, Igidae means Place of the Righteous Kisaeng, and not Place with Two Kisaengs.


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