day 97

공주. 公州. Gongju

동학사. 東鶴寺. Donghaksa Temple

462 Donghaksa 1-ro Banpo-myeon Gongju-si Chungcheongnam-do

(Information from KTOLocated in the east valley of Gyeryongsan Mountain, Donghaksa Temple is the first and oldest existing academic institute for female monks. Home to about 150 monks who study and practice Buddhism, the temple is the most visited spot on all of Gyerongsan Mountain due to its history, convenient location, and visitor facilities. The elegant structure of the temple is heightened by the majestic view of Munpilbong Peak to its front. In spring, many visitors come to see the cherry blossom tunnel, a 3 km pathway from Bakjeongja three-way intersection to the temple. Every year since 1993 the temple has also been the venue of the Donghaksa Spring Flower Festival.

동학사 삼층석탑. Three-Story Stone Pagoda at Donghaksa Temple

Chungcheongnam-do Cultural Heritage Material No. 58

(Information from the temple grounds) This pagoda was relocated from Cheongryangsa Temple, where the brother-sister pagoda is located, to the current location. Even though the pagoda is known to have been built together with the temple in 723 during the reign of King Seongduk of Silla, the style of the pagoda strongly suggests that it was constructed during the Goryeo Dynasty.


2 thoughts on “day 97

  1. The setting is stunning there in the mountains! I love what your doing on the blog, it’s giving me so many ideas on what to do in Korea! Thanks for sharing.

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