day 77 part 7

부산. 釜山. Busan

대한불교 천태종 삼광사. 三光寺. Samkwangsa Temple

131 Choeup-dong Busanjin-gu

(Information from Dynamic Busan) Every year, Samkwangsa Temple’s Lotus Lantern Festival brings about 1 million visitors to the temple, making it the biggest lotus lantern festival in the country in attendance. In 2012, CNN chose the Samkwangsa Lotus Lantern Festival as one of the 50 most beautiful places in Korea. This year’s Lotus Lantern Festival has a plethora of things to see. On the grounds of Samkwangsa Temple, there will be more than 30,000 lanterns as well as grand lanterns in the shape of elephants, tigers and other animals. The highlight of this year’s festival will be the celebratory event on the eve of Buddha’s Birthday.


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