day 92

남산 북측 순환 산책로에서 봄을 찾는다 #5. 南山 北側 循環 散策路. Chasing Spring #5 along Namsan Mountain’s North Circular Road

Hoehyeon-dong 1-ga Jung-gu

(Information from KTO) Namsan Mountain is clothed with natural beauty throughout each of the four seasons, so there’s never a bad time to visit. On the north and south faces of the mountain, a road/walking trail winds up, around, and back down the mountain. The walking trails of Namsan Mountain measure approximately 7 km and crisscrosses over the terrain. The trails that circle around N Seoul Tower to the north and south are covered with shock-absorbing material, allowing visitors to have a comfortable hike as they take in the local scenery. The route takes about two to three hours to complete. The northern route is better for jogging as there are fewer cars, while the southern route boasts groves of pine trees and an observation deck overlooking the Hangang River.

day 92_5


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