day 88

서울광장에서 봄을 찾는다 #1. Chasing Spring #1 at Seoul Plaza

110 Sejong-daero Jung-gu

(Information from KTOSeoul Plaza is a historic site where the 1919 (Samil) Independence Movement and the pro-democracy movement in June 1987 were held. It is also a well-known place where tens of thousands of Korean soccer fans came to cheer during the 2002 World Cup Games. This oval grass square in front of Seoul City Hall, re-established in 2004, is used as a place to hold events and cultural festivals like “Hi! Seoul Festival”, and is enjoyed by many Seoulites as a place to rest.

그레이스 캄파눌라. Grace Campanula

청화국. 靑花菊. Blue Daisy

꽃양귀비. -楊貴妃. Poppy

덕수궁 돌담길 이환권의 장독대 조각. Jangdockdae by Yi Hwan Kown at Jeongdong-gil by Deoksugung Palace

Chong-dong Jung-gu

배재공원. 培材公園. Paichai Park

Chong-dong Jung-gu

서소문근린공원. 西小門近隣公園. Seosomun Neighborhood Park

5 Chilpae-ro Jung-gu


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