day 77 part 6

부산. 釜山. Busan

Homemade 계란빵 (egg bread) at 해인두밀 Handmill

101-2 Daecheong-ro Jung-gu

범어사. 梵魚寺. Beomeosa Temple

(Information from KTOBeomeosa Temple is located at the edge of Geumjeongsan, a famous mountain in Busan. It was constructed by monk Ui Sang in the 18th year (678) of King Munmu (reign 661-681) of the Silla Kingdom. In the geography book ‘Donggukyeojiseungram’, the origin of Beomeosa Temple is written as follows: “There is a well on the top of Geumjeongsan and the water of that well is gold. The golden fish in the well rode the colorful clouds and came down from the sky. This is why the mountain is named Geumsaem (gold well) and the temple is named ‘fish from heaven’.”

The original Beomeosa Temple building was lost during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 but was renovated in 1713, which remains as it now is. Daeungjeon is one of the most delicate and luxurious architectures of the Joseon Dynasty. Designated as a natural monument, the wisteria woods and valleys are most beautiful in May.


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