day 84

예술의전당. 藝術─殿堂. Seoul Arts Center

Nambusunhwan-ro 2406 Seocho-gu

제15회 세종한글서예대전. The 15th Sejong Hangul Calligraphy Contest

서울서예박물관, 2-3층. Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum

13/03/2014 (Thu) ~ 19/03/2014 (Wed)

주최 (사)세종한글서예큰뜻모임


6 thoughts on “day 84

  1. Beautiful Hangul! If you go to the basement of the Sejong Art Center you can write a letter to your family in Hangul and send it overseas. You can also write your name on Hanji, the traditional paper, with a special brush and ink. My boyfriend and I made one for each other and exchanged them. It was a fun experience.

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