day 69 part 4

My neighbor‘s castle ruins

(Information from The ruins of Fukuoka Castle (福岡城, Fukuokajō) are located in the middle of the city in Maizuru Park. During the Edo Period (1603-1867), Fukuoka Castle used to be the largest castle on Kyushu, but it was almost completely torn down after the Meiji Restoration as an unwanted symbol of the feudal past. Now only ruined walls and a few turrets remain, and the park attracts visitors with walking trails and a few lookout points.

Minamimaru Tamon (watchtower)

(Information from YokaNavi – Fukuoka Official Tourist Information Site) Fukuoka Castle was a home castle of the Kuroda clan for 270 years under the reigns of 12 lords. This watchtower is one of the remaining ruins of the castle along with Shiomi Yagura, Tamon Yagura and Nagatomon Gate. It is designated by the government as an important cultural property.


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