day 56 part 2

외설악. 外雪嶽. Oeseorak

신흥사 청동좌불 (14.6m). 新興寺 靑銅坐不. Bronze Jwabul Statue at Sinheungsa Temple

1137 Seoraksan-ro Sokcho-si Gangwon-do

(Information from KTOA short 10 minute walk from the entrance to Sogongwon, Sinheungsa is a temple which used to be called Hyangseongsa, built by Jajangyulsa (590-658), who traveled to famous mountains all over the nation in Queen Jindeok’s (?-654) 6th year of reign. It was destroyed and rebuilt many times since. On the path to Sinheungsa Temple, there is a great bronze statue called Bronze Jwabul Statue, which is well over 10 meters high.


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